About Us


Our Pastor
Rev. Christin J. Norman  (530) 662-5254 (office)
Pastor Christin Norman is on leave until April.
Rev. Bill Habicht will be serving as Temporary Pastor.
 Ministry of Music
Adrian Mora, Choir Director  (626) 290-4576
Lenore Heinson, Organist & Choir Accompanist (530) 662-8937
Youth Ministry
Aren Scardaci, Youth Group Coordinator   (530) 902-8043
Yolo Youth Collective -- Youth Minister, Ryan Johnson
phone: 949-463-9545
email: yoloyouthcollective@gmail.com
website: www.yoloyouth.org 

Nursery Caregiver
Joy McAllister  (530) 908-4549
Office Manager/Church Secretary
Eileen Jackson  (530) 662-5254
Great Day Presbyterian Preschool
Nancy Van Sant, Director (530) 662-8575

Woodland Presbyterian Church