mission organizations

Fourth and Hope - WPC continues to support this homeless program through volunteer time cooking and serving meals, providing needed articles for the homeless (e.g., toiletries and coats), and by responding to continuing needs of the program.
Lifestyle stewardship – The Lifestyle Stewardship work group continues to bring environmental education to the congregation so that all can be good stewards of God’s earth. 
-WPC has become a recycling site for the congregation to drop off used batteries.
-Members are always seeking educational opportunities to present to the congregation and community about being good stewards of our community and world.
The Annual Alternative Christmas Gift Sale to support artisans in developing countries.

The Presbyterian Coffee Project is percolating at WPC as the congregation supports coffee farmers who receive fair-trade prices for their coffee and teas.  http://www.pcusa.org/coffee/ 

Woodland Presbyterian Church is a member of Woodland Ecumenical & Multi-Faith Ministries (WEMM) an organization composed of Woodland faith groups that meets the first Monday of the month at St. John’s United Church of Christ.  WEM organizes the annual Christmas Food Basket distribution in Woodland, organizes an ecumenical Thanksgiving service, and identifies other outreach efforts to assist residents of the community.

Woodland Presbyterian Church