Middle and High School Youth Group

Our youth group is part of the YOLO Youth Collective which includes the youth of Woodland Presbyterian Church, St. John's United Church of Christ, St. Luke's Episcopal Church and Woodland United Methodist Church. Click the link in the Welcome portion of the WPC home page for our current schedule.
Our Youth Minister, Ryan Johnson, was born In Newport Beach, California. She has experience from her youth in the Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic Churches and attended an Episcopal school from kindergarten to eighth grade.  An overachieving student, Ryan attended prep-school just outside of Boston. She decided it was not quite cold enough there so went farther North to the University of Vermont!  There she warmed her mind and soul majoring in Comparative Religion, with a focus on Christianity, and minoring in Women's Studies and Art.
Ryan worked as a youth minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Rosa and for many years strove to go beyond her studies of the world's religions into the experience of them.  Ryan is thrilled to be entering back into youth ministry and to be working with four Christian denominations!  Having had a calling to the ministry since she was ten, Ryan feels she is exactly where she has been called to be. 

Contact Information:
Ryan Johnson
(949) 463-9545


Woodland Presbyterian Church