The Board of Deacons is an organized ministry most generally described as "the caring arm of the church."  We are a separate group from the Board of Session which is the governing body of the church.

There are currently nine members on the Board of Deacons each serving a three-year term.

We have a meeting once a month (usually on the first Monday).
Usually the meeting is held at the church.

The board has a moderator and a treasurer which are both are chosen from the group.

The deacons coordinate the ushers for the church services.  Ushers greet people, hand out the bulletins,  give out "visitor information" bags and take attendance records. They also serve and clean up after coffee time.

The deacons are responsible for preparing communion on the first Sunday of each month.   We do the clean up after the service is over.  Deacons may help serve communion. 

The church community is currently divided into geographic areas and each deacon is responsible for members living in their "area."

Some of the things the deacons help organize are: rides when needed; meals, in case of illness;  phone calls to welcome visitors; taking a plant to a visitor;  calling or visiting someone who just needs contact.  Note:  the individual deacon has the help of other deacons or other church members who volunteer for various needs.   We send birthday cards to members.

Deacons organize and serve at receptions for some funeral services held at our church.
The book, "The Presbyterian Deacon", is available to anyone who would like additional information, or feel free to talk with any current deacon.



Currently serving as Deacons:
Kevin Bryan, Ushering
Sandi Erba, Welcoming Visitors
Lori Grose
Marlene Hanson, Moderator
Kristina Norberg
Carole Pirruccello
Susan Silveira, Health Ministries
Nancy Van Sant, Communion
Jenny Zeiger, Social Media Evangelist

Woodland Presbyterian Church