Angel Island State Park 9-23-17

The Woodland Outdoor Wanderers outing to Angel Island State Park is still scheduled for September 23.  However, there is an important time change to note.  Participants should meet at 7:45 AM at the Woodland Presbyterian Church at 1324 Columbia Drive to sign-in, pick up maps and form carpools.  A prompt departure from the church at 8:00 AM will allow enough time to make the 10:00 AM ferry departure from Tiburon. The fare is $15 for adults, less for seniors and children.  A $1 fee is charged for each bicycle.  Information about the ferry service, schedules and fares is available at  Only cash or checks are accepted for payment.  Pay parking (up to $16/day) is available near the ferry terminal.  Again, only cash is accepted for parking. Once ashore people can explore the island by hiking, biking, or riding a tram ($16.50 for adults).  The 5-mile perimeter trail around the island is accessible to hikers and cyclists.  Additional footpaths and bikeways are available.  Bicycles can be rented.  Bicyclists are advised to bring a bike lock as none are not available to be rented. Cyclists under 18 must wear helmets.  Dogs are not allowed on the island.  Food may be purchased at a cafe near the Visitor Center. More information about the park can be found at Please phone either Paul Gorenzel or Kristina Norberg with questions (530 668-1825).  

Contact Information:
Paul Gorenzel or Kristina Norberg


Woodland Presbyterian Church