Gifts and Bequests

Gifts and Bequests

Gifts to the church may be made in any of a number of ways. The Finance Committee can provide information and services to potential donors of gifts to the church. The following areas are a few of the opportunities available. Additional information may be obtained by contacting John Martin at 662-5752.

Contributions of Assets
Appreciated assets (e.g., a stock which is now worth significantly more than the purchase price) if given to the church will relieve the donor from capital gains taxes and give the donor an income tax deduction in the amount of the current value.

This gift provides income to the donor for the donor's life. At the donor's death, the remaining principle of the gift goes to the church.

This is a gift which is permanently held and invested by the church and earns income, usually for a purpose specified by the donor.

Memorial Gifts
To honor the passing of a friend or family member a memorial gift may be made at any time and in any amount. The gift may be designated to be used for a specific purpose if that purpose is consistent with the mission of the church as determined by the governing body (the Session). If no specific use of the gift is designated by the donor, the Session will determine the most appropriate use with advice from the Gifts ad Bequests Advisory Council.


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