Welcome to Alki UCC

We are a living, breathing, growing, welcoming, progressive Christian community right in the heart of the Alki beach area of Seattle.   
We believe that faith is a journey, not a destination, and we are blessed to share the journey with each other.
We are 90-somethings and 20-somethings, toddlers and infants, and a lot of us somewhere in between. We are single, married, and partnered, glbtq and straight.  
We don't believe that Christianity is the only way, but it's the way we've been called to follow, and we are trying to live it with as much integrity and joy as we can.
So check out our website, but better yet, join us for worship this Sunday.



Special Events

The Alki UCC congregation is invited up the hill to worship with Pastor Andrew Conley-Hobson and all our friends at Admiral Congregational UCC, 4320 SW Hill.   There will be no Sunday Scho  ...  more
»    Sun July 29th     10:30 AM