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Make it Happen.
Roll up your sleeves and dive into the essential work of developing and maintaining the financial, property and human resources needed to carry out our ministry and purpose. We focus on the all-important basics that always need attention such as stewardship, fundraisers, leadership development and the ever-present need to care for our building and grounds.
The Building and Grounds Team has an ongoing need for folks to do quick repairs or upgrades. Can you help? Contact the Church Office for details.
  • Lawn Maintenance & Garden Weeding:
  • We let our outside gardener go to save $$, so we need folks to pick up the slack! Please let us know if you have some time to mow or trim -- either once or weekly. The church doesn't have an electric mower, so any leads on acquiring one would be welcome as well.
  • Dump Run Volunteers:

This is an on-call list and any dump run would be arranged to suit your availability.

  • Small Repair & Fix-it Guys and Gals:
    Can you do light carpentry or painting? Please sign up to do small 1-time jobs that allow us to avoid $50-150 costs. Such fix-it tasks cost us over $1000 this year even when we got very low rates from a worker.