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Calling All Pledges for 2018-2019

We’re all essential to Alki UCC. We support our church with financial gifts, and we keep it vibrant and active with our ministries and volunteer time. We are very grateful to everyone who has so generously contributed their “time, talent, and treasure” for many years. Our members and friends are the reason Alki UCC has been a meaningful part of West Seattle for over a century, sharing God's love with each other and the world. 
Pledging is simple, fast and confidential. 
Fill out a paper pledge card next time you're at church or pledge online by completing this form
If you want to pay your pledge by credit card,
  1. Click the Contributions tab above.
  2. Click the PayPal button to setup or use your PayPal account and check the box to make a monthly donation.
  3. In the field labeled "Add special instructions to seller,” write “Pledge.”
 Thank you!
Thanks so much to everyone who has already pledged!