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This Sunday at 10:00 am

This Sunday we again welcome Guest Preacher Rev. Dr. Cameron Sharp, who will be giving a sermon titled Thankfully, God knows we are just mud. 
Pastor Cameron notes:
Sam Storms captures the truth in one simple sentence: “I think we run from God rather than to God because we know our own hearts all too well and the heart of God barely at all. The good news is that God knows us inside and out, keeps in mind that we’re made of mud. (Psalm 103:14).
This Sunday we will consider Psalm 103 looking for understanding of the heart of God.  
Rev. Dr. Cameron M. Sharp
Having grown into a Progressive Theology from a Bible grounded childhood, the Rev. Dr. Cameron M Sharp comes to you as a compassionate Pastor-Teacher. His ministerial gifts have been used by God in South Korea, Fiji, Japan, Far North Canada, Mexico and across the USA.
He has worn the titles Missionary, Evangelist, Teacher, Pastor and Chaplain. His Master of Divinity was earned at St Paul’s Theological Seminary. His Doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counseling was earned at Sanctus Theological Institute.
Despite all this, however, most import to him – and I hope to you – is that he is daily a Servant of God. Cameron embraces inclusivity and acceptance of diversity. He believes these are the hallmarks of the Character of God whom we all emulate. Cameron joins us today with a warm open heart as we worship God together.