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Advent & Christmas 2017

Advent & Christmas 2017
The season of Advent began on Sunday, December 3, with a four-week series called “Angels Among Us.” 
When we read closely through the story of Jesus’ birth, we meet many characters who had good reason to feel afraid due to the circumstances they faced and the cultural context of the time. But angelic messengers came to them, and their message always began with the words, “Do not be afraid.” 
This season, as we listen to the stories of these winged messengers to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds, we encourage one another to “fly in the face of fear,” as we claim hope, peace, joy and love for the world.  

This is one of those rare years when the Fourth Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve! The service that morning will feature choral music from our choir, who’ve been putting in many extra hours of rehearsal to bring you special music that morning, and they’ll be singing several anthems for the evening service as well.
Here’s the schedule:
December 3, 10:00 am
The 1st Sunday of Advent        #morehope  
December 10, 10:00 am
The 2nd Sunday of Advent       #morepeace 
December 17, 10:00 am
The 3rd Sunday of Advent       #morejoy       
December 24, 10:00 am
The 4th Sunday of Advent       #morelove    
     5:00 pm   Christmas Eve Children & Families Service 
   10:00 pm   Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 
Note: There is no service on Christmas Day, December 25.