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Lent Madness Announces 2018 "Golden Halo" Winner

And the 2018 Golden Halo Award Goes To … Anna Alexander! “Who the heck is Anna Alexander,” you might ask? Don’t be embarrassed – your pastor had never heard of her either, which is why Lent Madness is not merely a frivolous distraction cooked up by basketball-loving Episcopalians; it’s also educational.
Anna Alexander was the first African-American Deaconess of the Episcopal Church. Deaconess Alexander was born on a Georgia plantation in 1865. Her parents were well-educated and emancipated slaves. 
Anna is credited with establishing the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and School in Pennick, GA. At a Convention for Colored Episcopalians in 1907, Bishop C.K. Nelson named Anna a deaconess. During the time of her diaconate, it was virtually unheard of for a woman to be recognized as a leader in the church — especially an African-American woman. 
Anna’s hard work, devotion, and dedication to the Christian formation of black communities ensured that the voices of African-American Christians were heard throughout the Diocese of Georgia. She believed she could bring positive changes to society through education and love. She exhibited this love through a devotion to Christian formation. Deaconess Alexander offers us an example of a life of faith rooted in a boundless love of others.
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