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Alki UCC in Pastoral Transition

The Rev. Diane Darling, Alki UCC’s pastor since 2001, retired on May 20, 2018. The following pastors are leading Sunday worship/providing pastoral care for the Alki UCC community during this transition. 

Bruce Wilson is leading Sunday worship throughout the summer. He writes:
Hello Alki UCC,
Some of you may remember me from back in 2014 when I interned atAlki UCC on my path towards ordination, others of you I am very excited to get to know you in the future. 
I wanted to incorporate a little bit about myself so that you would get to know who will be the “visiting pastor” this summer as the church works towards finding an interim pastor. First, I am a native of Louisiana (Not New Orleans), but have lived in the Pacific northwest for eight years now and call it home. I currently serve at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tacoma as a staff chaplain and have been doing that for almost four years now. 
I love the art of pastoral care as well as learning more about the helping professions. The love of the helping professions made me want to go back to school and study how to do Mental Health Counseling. When these things get to be mundane, I like to spend my time tasting wine, fishing, or going on an adventure. I am looking forward to my time at Alki (again) and will be happy to be your pastor for the summer! 

— The Rev. Bruce Wilson Jr. BS, MDiv, BCC
# # #
In addition to Bruce, Pastor Susan Fairo and Pastor Amy Hitchens, both members of the Alki UCC congregation, are available for emergency pastoral care. Contact the Church Office for details.
The Rev. Susan Fairo is the congregation's principal contact for emergency pastoral care issues. Susan has been a member of Alki UCC since 2012, after completing an internship with Pastor Diane. She is currently the intentional interim pastor at Spirit of Peace UCC in Sammamish and previously served as the intentional interim pastor at Penbrook UCC in Harrisburg, PA.
During Susan's summer vacation, The Rev. Amy Hitchens will be available for emergency pastoral care. Amy has been a member of Alki UCC for thirteen years and was, until May of 2017, in four way covenant as a hospital chaplain with Alki UCC. Amy is currently serving as pastor at Normandy Park UCC.
Contact information and other details are included in our weekly newsletter, in the Directory and in the Sunday bulletin.