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Parish Pastoral Council

Every parish is expected to have a Pastoral Council and a Finance Council which serve in an advisory role with the pastor.  The Diocese of Manchester issued  Guidelines for Parish Councils in July 2002 which presented a new model, focusing the work of the Parish Pastoral Councils on mission and vision.
The Parish Council provides the vision and direction for the parish, establishes pastoral priorities and ensures their implementation. The Council is responsible for calling and enabling all members of the parish to discover, develop and offer their gifts in service to the parish and to the wider community.
2014 - 2015 Parish Council Members
Cathy Beaver, chairman
Kathy Snyder, outreach
Moe Cozzo, buildings and grounds
Robert Snyder, finance council
Jamie Walsh, marriage fellowship and John Paul II generation
Amy Roy, liturgy and worship
Chuck Wira, parish relations
Martina Daley, staff
Ian Johanni, staff

Contact Information:
Cathy Beaver, Chairman