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Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council oversees the financial interests of Saint Denis Parish. Their duties include:

  • insuring that proper financial records are maintained for all parish assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses in accord with the Chart of Accounts approved by the Diocese of Manchester

  • assisting the Pastor, with the help of parish administrative staff, to develop a balanced parish budget for each fiscal year according to the priorities and goals set by the Pastoral Council and approved by the Pastor

  • providing assistance to the Pastor in compiling an annual report of the parish's finances which is to be sent to the Bishop by August 15 of each year

  • exercising oversight over all parish investments and all finances relating to the parish or any parish program done in the name of the parish and enjoying its tax exemption.

Membership in the Parish Finance Council consists of four or more members of the parish community appointed by the Pastor for a three-year term. Persons are selected for their expertise in financial matters, in economics, general business management, banking, law, insurance accounting and financial investment. Members must have prudence, uprightness and knowledge of the Catholic faith that will enable them to put into practice the message of the Gospel.

The Finance Council meets quarterly throughout the year.

Contact Information:
Robert Snyder