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GPBL Mission Statement:
To establish a Church League, that is striving to be more Christ like, while bringing young people together to glorify God through the competition of the game of basketball.
Ebenezer Greater Bethel
New St. John
Second Calvary
St. Paul Baptist Church
Weeping Willow

Congratulations to 2013-2014 Champions!!
16-18 Division D - Second Calvary 62 vs Saint Paul 59 
13-15 Division C - New Saint John 56 vs Greater Bethel  49 
10-12 Division B- Greater Providence  II 52 vs Saint Paul 36
7-9 Division A - Second Calvary 24 vs Saint Paul 18

 Game Sites
 Site Name   
 Site Initials 
Greater Providence Family Life Center
2000 Milton Road, Charlotte, NC 28215
Weeping Willow AMEZ Church
2220 Milton Road, Charlotte, NC 28215
St. Paul Baptist Church
1401 Allen Street, Charlotte, NC  28205

Note : Girls can play on ANY TEAM in  their age group.

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 If you have any questions about the league, contact