St. James Preschool

The year of 2009 brought some change to St. Jim’s.  Len Stockman left the preschool to pursue a job in the Kent School District, but will remain linked with the preschool by continuing to handle the administrative tasks and act as a liaison between the church and the preschool.  Brenda Gehr is still the lead teacher and has hired an aide, Caity O’Brien.  Caity has fit in very well and is doing a great job.
St. Jim’s Preschool is still operating quite nicely.   There are 20 students enrolled for the 2009-2010 school year.  The student base remains very diverse.   St. Jim’s is still a small preschool, primarily due to low enrollment.   Over the past two years, we have taken some steps to advertise and promote the preschool.  We honestly did not receive any students from those efforts.  It continues to be word of mouth from St. Jim’s alumni!
The preschool still operates Monday – Thursday,   We continue to find success with a four-day program.
Our hopes and dreams for the preschool remain the same, an outdoor play area. 
Our thanks to St. James for providing a safe environment to teach these little gifts from God!
Respectfully submitted,
Len Stockman