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About Us

Job's Mortuary was founded in the early 1930’s by the fraternal order, the Sons and Daughters of Job, which was led by the Reverend H. B. Brown. The fraternity, at that time, boasted of a membership in South Carolina of more than ten thousand individuals. The funeral home and Community Nursing Home became two of the agencies sponsored by the order. Later, the funeral home was expanded to include several branches in the mid to lower regions of the state.
In November of 1969 the Flagship, the only remaining firm in the conglomerate at that time, ceased operations. On the first day of February 1970, the Reverend Ralph W. Canty, Sr., assumed the management of the firm as a private venture and ten years later purchased the corporation from the previous owners. Since the transition to a private entity, the funeral home has experienced untold changes and today towers as a leading firm on the local, state, and national landscape.