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    Classes Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in Room 502
Each DivorceCare session centers around 3 parts:
  • Video: At each session you will view a videotape on an issue related to separation and divorce.  These videotapes feature top experts on a wide variety of topics.  On each tape you will also hear the personal stories of people like you who have been through separation and divorce.
  • Support Group: After the video, you will become part of a small support group to discuss what you've just seen on the video and what's going on in the lives of group members.  You'll stay with the same group of people for the 13 DivorceCare sessions.  It's very likely that you will begin to see the people in your group as "family".  Your group leaders will have a set of discussion questions to help guide the group time.  It's also important to take time to "catch up" on the trials, problems and successes experienced by group members between each session.
  • Between Sessions: Personal reflection & study - You'll have time to reflect on what happened at your group meeting and how the concepts you discussed might apply to your personal circumstances.