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Missionary Support

God's mission to redeem the human race originates in the very heart of God.  Jesus Christ came in the form of a helpless child and was the embodiment of God's mission of love and grace to a hurting and broken world.  In word and deed, Jesus preached the good news of God's Kingdom to a fallen world.  Since the days of the early church, Jesus' followers have been engaged in fulfilling God's mission; the privilege of proclaiming in word and deed the message of hope, redemption and salvation in Christ!
At Bethany Wesleyan Church missions means every Bethany member living out their faith in Christ at work, in their local community and the wider world while they grow in their understanding of the global dimensions of God's kingdom.  Missions at Bethany Wesleyan Church also means partnering with over a dozen missionaries and ministry partners in local and global contexts to proclaim in word and deed Christ's gospel of love and hope.  From Cherryville to Georgia to South America to Africa and Central Asia and beyond, Bethany engages in a variety of ministries among the poor, least-reached and under-equipped.
What is God doing?  How can we contribute with what God is doing around the world?  One way is by giving financially to our missions program.  It's as simple as putting your gift in your tithe envelope (or pew envelope) and earmarking it to go to Missions.  (Of course, these gifts are to be above and beyond your local tithe amount.)  Thanks for supporting the ongoing ministry of missions both locally and around the world.
2012-2013 Missions Goal is $25,000