Teens For Christ®


Turning teenagers into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ
As a ministry we strive to provide avenues for teens to contiue their growth spiritually.  Everything we do goes back to our passion for evangelism and discipleship.  The local tools we use for evangelism include the "Fall Bash and Chapters".  The Fall Bash is a teen event where we invite Jr. High and Sr. High youth to join us for food, games, and other fall activities.  At the end of the night we present the Gospel through skits, videos, and an evangelist.  We also strive to present the Gospel in our weekly chapters.  Teens are encouraged to share the Gospel with their unsaved friends and to also bring them to chapter where they will hear it as well.  We do periodically provide evangelism training for our youth who are interested in sharing the Gospel.
When it comes to discipleship we never want a teen to outgrow us spiritually.  In other words, we want to push them to a deeper relationship with God for as long as they are involved in the ministry.  The local chapter is where Christiain teens get a weekly feeding from fellowship, worship, prayer, and Bible teaching.  Spiritually solid teens also get to be involved in doing ministry at local chapters by being given "core group" responsibilities.  This may include leading the greeting time, ice-breakers, games, prayer, helping with worship, sharing a testimony, sharing the gospel, teaching a lesson, etc.
After our chapters, most teens may have an interest as well in our 7:7 Club.  The 7:7 club is our prayer club named after Matthew 7:7.  It is a student lead club in some of our schools and its primary focus is on prayer and service.  Students will meet once a week for prayer and a devotional. 
The next level of discipleship would be our retreats.  Our retreats in the winter have a discipleship focus.  We do present the Gospel at our retreats for those who do not have a relationship with Christ.  However, most of the teens who attend are followers of Christ who want to learn more from the Word and get fired up spiritually.
After our retreats comes our weekly Saturday Night Prayer.  Saturday Night Prayer is an extended time of prayer just for teens and leaders.  It's exciting to see teens grow in their prayer life as they keep coming back to Saturuday Night Prayer. 
For those who want more we offer a theology class called "Summit".  Summit meets twice a month and is meant to strengthen a teens understanding about God and the Christian faith. 
For those who like Summit we offer an experience even more intense spiritually.  In June we offer a camp called Boot Camp.  Boot Camp is not for everyone.  It is only for those teens who can handle a highly physical, emotional, and spiritually challenging environment.  Boot Camp involves a lot of Bible study and time spent with God.  This camp is meant to train up, develop, and send out the Army of God.
Some of our most eager teens who want to be challenged throughout the school year will try out for our "Ministry Team".  The Ministry Team performs twice a month at local churches.  They will do skits, share testimonies, and lead worship for local church congregations.  Every ministry team teen is mentored one-on-one and is pushed spiritually through a series of classes and talks.  The Ministry Team also puts in some volunteer hours of service for various aspectss of the TFC ministry.
Lastly is our one-on-one discipleship for teens.  One-on-one discipleship is for those teens who want more and they like the specific attention they get from a spiritual mentor.  Our one-on-one discipleship is meant to help teens grow, encourage them in their faith, provide a high level of accountability, and prepare them for a lifetime of abiding in Christ and serving Him faithfully.