Teens For Christ®-Kenya began in August 2005 with a man named Moses Omondi.  He started in only a handful of schools, and God has expanded His ministry to over 180 schools in areas of Kenya, including Nairobi and Kisumu.  This ministry is boldly moving forward into 2011 through the power of God and is reaching over 75,000 teens a week in over 180 chapters, with well over 14,000 salvations since the ministry began!  God continues to open many doors and pour His Spirit out on Kenyan teenagers.  Continue to pray for Moses and his staff, that God will move in mighty ways to glorify Himself!
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Moses Omondi Odhiambo
TFC Kenya Executive Director
TFC Kenya
l to r: Patrick, Carol, Wilfred, Lydia, Moses
Twilight Teen Challenge group photo
Moses speaking at a chapter meeting
Outdoor chapter meeting
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Moses and Emily
Kristin Melanie
Krystal Natalie
June 2009