Teens for Christ in Lebanon is praying for: 
 1.      For ministry growth and teens who are serious about their faith
 2.      That God is using us for His glory
 3.     That God brought a Management Team together to grow the ministry


We are praying:
 1.      That God would bless us this year with His guidance and leadership
 2.      That we reach more teens for Jesus Christ 
 3.      That we disciple those who want to grow to the next level 
 4.      That God provide sponsors for the different projects on our agenda
 5.      For more handpicked leaders by God to lead chapters, disciple teens
 6.      To grow deeper in the knowledge of Christ, Simon, Salim, the Management Team, and all the chapter leaders
 7.      For wisdom, guidance, provision, for all Teens For Christ branches in the United States, Kenya, and Bangladesh, and for the future ministries of Teens For Christ in countries where God is opening a door for us. 
By God’s Grace and Power, we as Teens For Christ family were able to travel to Syria (our neighboring country) to lead a camp for teenagers brought together from all around Syria for a summer camp in 2010.  We were a team of seven people handpicked by God to do this ministry. 
The main speakers for this camp were Salim and I; we taught two sessions in the mornings every day for three days. It was amazing to see God moving in the lives of these teens.  The Word of God touched their lives and we have been overwhelmed to see the change in them by the work of the Holy Spirit. Around 35 teens gave their lives to Jesus and decided to live for Him a clean and pure life.
The number of teens in Lebanon attending this camp is almost the same like last year but with about half of them are new teens, the reason for that is: 
  1.       The financial situation for most families is really bad
 2.       Most teens are working during summer and could not leave their work place for a week.  
God also provided the ministry with great leaders to help leading the camp in Lebanon, and was moving in the lives of the teens. Our speakers, including Salim and me, have been lead by God to deliver messages according to the needs of our teenagers in Lebanon. Many of them reconsidered living for Christ again.
Our targeted evening program’s topics were issues that affected the teen’s daily life and we needed to discuss it with them, one night we had parents visiting and after the program, they congratulated Teens For Christ for what we are doing for this generation of teens. Praise God. The ministry is growing in many ways, Praise God.
In the end we thank God for every opportunity to serve Him.
In the King's Service,
Simon Ladaa
Executive Director
Teens For Christ - Lebanon
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