7:7 Club

 The 7:7 Club is a student led prayer club held throughout the week in our different schools. Our mission statement is to bless  the school through the avenue of prayer and service.
We currently have a 7:7 Club in:
Shawnee--President: Alyson Roznowski   
Elida--President: Heidi Fried
Temple Christian--President: Jarod Ward

Bath--President: Crissy Griffin

Lima Senior--President: Emily Spurlin

Perry--President: Zack Hyde

Each club has a cabinet of members that run the club every week. Teens For Christ elects the President and the president forms their cabinet. Each cabinet has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In the meetings, the teens discuss how they can encourage and bless the students and faculty at their school. Most importantly, they envelope the meeting in prayer. Praying for their peers, teachers, principals, and coaches. We know that only through prayer are they going to see change and revival in their schools and that is exactly what they are doing, praying.
The 7:7 club was formed fall of 2011 and is continually growing every week.
If you would like to know more about the 7:7 club and how your teen can get involved in their school, you can e-mail us at tfc@teens-for-christ.com.