Boot Camp 2011

"To Develop an Army to Impact the WORLD for Christ"

Boot Camp - 2011!

When: June 10-18, 2011
Where: Treasure Island, Canada
What: Inductive Bible Study
Focus: Rebuilding, Revival and Restoration of the People of God
Praise & Worship
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Boot Camp 2011 - Day 1: Ruins  

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio)   

Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 11:13pm 


Purpose: That the students would be aware of sin, consequences, and conviction in their lives. 


   Today we landed on the island safe and sound. An hour before they arrive, the students received their assignments for getting settled in. When they arrived on the island, they found it in ruins. The lawn was littered with trash, posters of worldly influence scattered on walls, and the cabins were ransacked. As they stepped off the boat, they were greeted by images of homeless people begging for money. On top of all of this, it began raining. The students moved quickly to get settled in, and soon received their next order to prepare their lunch. Once they gathered the supplies they were able to eat. 


   The students spent the afternoon being faced with the sin that is encompassing the world. As we moved into our platoon time, God broke down walls as students shared about the ruins in their life. Then after a session learning how to better study the Bible, we prepared for the last activity of the day. During the final activity of the day, students were placed face to face with the sin of the world. They walked through stations and heard stories and statistics about the ruins in this world.


   Overall today was a difficult day emotionally, as students were overwhelmed by the amount of distress and reproach that surrounds them on a daily basis. Yet it is good to know that God is always gracious to those who repent.



Boot Camp 2011 - Day 2: Rebuilding 

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio)

Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 11:28pm 


Purpose: Rebuilding takes hard work and perseverance. The students learn about what it takes to be successful in rebuilding.  


    To start the day off, each student was briefed by Staff Sergeant Marcus Craig about some information they discovered last night as they surveyed the island. They were told a wall was being built in the back pasture, and it was in complete ruins. Also, each student was issued a sword (Foam Noodle with a PVC pipe in it) with which they could defend the wall if it was to be attacked. They were told just as in Nehemiah, they were to gather together whenever the trumpet was sounded. 


   As soon as Staff Sergeant Craig finished briefing the students, the massive cleanup operation was underway. Students worked hard to transform the island of ruins back to its original state. As each platoon was preparing to march in, they were given a scrambled up cadence with missing words which they needed to rebuild to march in with. Every meal today was something the students had to "build".


   The students also began rebuilding their wall today. This massive 180' x 90' structure began to take shape quickly. However, the discouragement began when the enemy began distracting. The students struggled to stay focused on building the wall as they were under sporadic attacks from enemy soldiers. Overall the students did an impressive job with the wall. Some sections are already 5' tall.


Boot Camp 2011 - Day 3: Resistance 

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio) 

Monday, June 13, 2011 at 11:33pm


   Today was a difficult day from the start. The Staff Sergeants were given a letter as they were waking which told them of impending danger to their wall they had been building. As they rushed back to the fort, they saw the enemy attempting destroy the wall. They sounded the alarm, and the rest of the students joined to fight off the enemy. Once they successfully defended the wall, it was straight to PT (Physical Training). They exercised for a while and then began to head back to their cabins, but before they made it back, Navy Seal training began (Intense PT). The students worked hard for a short period of time and then fell into formation.


   The students were asked what the resistance was in thier lives, and then were given physical infirmaties to represent these resistences in their life. The students spent the entire day fighting off resistance.  There was resistance in their cabins, resistance while marching, resistance while eating, and resistance in what they were saying.  The students were also battling internally as they were praying and removing the resistances in their lives.


   The students continued to work on their wall. They were able to build up the wall more, but they were severely hindered by their physical infirmities. This is such a great picture for the students of how sin holds us back from doing God's work. Major Paul Paschal shared on evangelism in the evening session, and the students were thrilled to cast their resistances into the fire during family time. Please continue to be praying for the students, as they face huge internal battles in their lives.


Boot Camp 2011 - Day 4: Revival 

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 1:06am


   Today was the day of revival. The day was mostly silent as the teens were not allowed to speak outside of session and platoon time. The day was spent reading through scripture. Every time the students were convicted of sin in their lives, they would paint a red stripe on their arms to represent their sin. During the afternoon, the students went on a prayer walk, which walked them through seeing God as Holy, seeing ourselves as wretched, seeing the need for repentance, seeing the cross as our atonement, and the resurrection as our redemption.


   This evening, the final hours of Christ's life were portrayed. It was a very difficult thing to watch as Jesus went from the Garden to the trial and was condemned to death. Then, as He was scourged and beaten, we saw up close a picture of Jesus' atoning blood. Finally, as He hung on the cross, students wept in the light of the realness of the great sacrifice which Christ paid for our sins. Students were then invited to wash the paint off their arms at the foot of the cross as a representation of Christ cleansing us from our sins. Many students rededicated their lives to Christ, and some answered the call of surrendering their lives to God. It was appropriate that, on the day of revival, the Lord broke through supernaturally and brought revival to Treasure Island. He truly is a great God and has done many mighty works here. Thank you for all your prayers; God has answered them for sure!


Boot Camp 2011 - Day 5: Restoration 

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 11:41am


Purpose: Restoring things back to the way God intended them to be


   Today was a day of celebration. Joy engulfed the camp as we prepared to have a celebration in honor of what God has done. In the morning, the students all received top secret packages with information about their duties in preparing for the celebration. Some were baking cakes, others were building booths (for the Feast of Booths), others were rehearsing in choirs for the celebration, and the rest were finsihing building the wall.


   During solo time, the students filled out commitment cards and prepared their restoration testimonies. Each student wrote what the Lord had shown them this week on a brick. The celebration kicked off with a feast prepared by our wonderful cooks. Then each choir came marching in through the wall, singing praises. Then the choirs led all of us in worship. The Staff Sergeants all shared devotionals from what God has been showing them. Then each student stepped forward and showed us their brick, representing the change that has occurred in their life. After some prayer and more worship, it was time for Operation: Midnight Falcon.


   This was a big battle between the leaders and the students. The students were responsible to defend their wall and the 5 platoon flags inside the wall. As the night wore on, the students went under attacks of water balloons and swords. Finally, as the battle drew to a close, the winner was unclear. The leaders claimed they had won, and the studnts claimed they had won. In the end all had fun, and the Lord protected us from serious injuries. The Lord has been truly good to us this week. He deserves all the praise and glory for all that has happened!



Boot Camp 2011 - Days 6 & 7: Rest, Relaxation, Cleaning & Leaving 

Posted on Facebook by Teens For Christ (Lima, Ohio)

Friday, June 17, 2011 at 6:44pm 


   The students were allowed to sleep in and enjoy the island on Day 6. In the afternoon, we had a baptism service.  It was a great time to share with those who were making a proclamation of their faith in Jesus Christ!  After the baptism, we had an awards banquet and enjoyed thanking thos who made this week possible.  Most of all, we give thanks to God Who truly pulled everything together.  This was followed by commitments and communion.  We ended the night with worship.


     We went to work early on Day 7, cleaning the island and preparing to leave.  We will be leaving the island soon.  Praise the Lord for all He has done! Boot Camp 2011 is in the books.


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