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Discipling U

New at New Covenant Church, is a system of Discipleship Classes that will enable each of us as followers of Christ to get all the knowledge and experience necessary to help us be fully mature members of the Body. Beginning in Hebrews 5:12, Paul encourages us to take on the "strong meat" of God's word being skillful "with word of righteousness" and go on to perfection or maturity. When you complete a level of Discipleship Training, you will be awarded a Certificate acknowledging your accomplishment. Additional tracks are available for Leadership and Ministry. For more information on the tracks listed below, click here.
Discipleship Track:
This track is a series of classes for all believers. In Matthew 28, the great commission tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations. We are not just to evangelize but to grow believers in their faith. We are to grow from babes into mature Christians. To be a mature Christian there are some things we should be able to do like pray, study the Bible, know the basic tenets of our faith, share our testimony and much more. The 18 subject areas in the Discipleship Track help ensure that we have learned what we can to become mature Christians.
Leadership Track:

Leadership Track: This track is a series of classes for those believers whom God has placed a burden on their hearts to lead other people into a closer walk with Him. There are deeper Bible classes as well as courses that will help a leader be more effective in interacting with students. There are practical aspects of leadership training included as well as recommendations required.
Ministry Track:
This track is for those believers for whom God has a special calling on their lives.  There are varying kinds of ministry but this series of courses goes deeper into the kinds of counseling issues that may arise in the course of full time ministry.  It includes requirements for practical experience and can lead to licensure or ordination. 

Transforming U is an elective in the Ministry Track which uses fifteen DVDs to introduce the novice to the scriptural basis of innter healing along with ministry demonstrations and equips those more advanced with very effective ministry tools. The DVDs range from 30 - 55 minutes long and are facilitated by different individuals. 


Contact Information:
Janice Ford