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Summer 2011 Life Groups



Donnie & Debbie Kiefer.  Focus will be on fellowship, friends, fun and food.  Meets every Sunday night at 6:30pm.  The group will meet in a different home each week.  Call Debbie at 400-9536 or email  .  Group space is limited.  (Waynesville/Clyde)


Candler Connect—Gary & Debra Johnson.   Meetings will be held at Mountain Java Coffee Shop—901 Smoky Park Highway, Candler.   Focusing on building friendships to encourage one another in Christ.  Meets 2nd and 4th Friday through August, at 7pm.  Email: or call Gary at 808-6851 (Candler)


Ladies Night Out! - Barbara Miller.  Meets every Thursday night at 6pm, beginning June 9th.  Focus will be on prayer, laughter, praise & refreshments.  Call Barbara at 456-7763 or email (Waynesville)


Images of God’s Creation—Sam & Barbara Hopkins.  An activity group meeting every other Wednesday, beginning June 7th at 5:30pm.  Traveling to local destinations to photograph God’s creation.  Carpool from NCC.  Bring your own camera, light jacket and walking shoes.  Call Sam or Barbara at 773-9550 or 550-2077 or email


Pam Quinn—Mountain Escapades.  This will be an activity group that meets every two weeks.  Activities will include hiking, picnicking, rafting, etc.  Call Pam at 734-8617 or email her at


Tommy & Cindy Golden— Family oriented with children.  Cookouts, playtime and hanging out with the kids! Call Cindy at 550-1826 Email:   (Clyde)


Steve and Carol Barchie – Will meet every two weeks on Wednesday at 7pm.  Call Steve at 734-7703 email:  (Canton)


Faith, Friends and Family with the Fleets—Larry and Sharon Fleet.  Will meet on Friday nights at 7:30 pm every two weeks beginning June 17th.  Praying and fellowship will be the focus.  Call Sharon at 667-0805 or email: (Candler)


John & Suzy Franco—Fellowship and light Bible study.  Will meet every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm beginning June 7th.  Call Suzy at 926-5505 or email to (Jonathan Creek)


Relaxing on the River—Norm & Tina Wood— Will meet on Sunday nights at 6pm once per month beginning June 12th.  Focus will be fellowship, cooking out and sharing.  Call Tina at 734-2943 or email (Clyde)

Contact Information:
Debbie Kiefer
(828) 400-9536