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Mike Clinton
Position: Children's Ministry Pastor
Phone: (828) 627-9000

 Mike and Becky Clinton
Mike and Becky have been a part of NCC for more than 10 years. They love to go on family mission trips, so that their children can begin to have a world view. They have three children. You can ask them to be your friend on Facebook, too.
Here are some things you might need to know about Mike:

Favorite movies are:
Jaws; I know, I know, but the camaraderie on the boat is wonderful and the thought of living a big adventure, well it inspires me.
Least favorite thing to do is:
Cleaning anything
Favorite places to go are:
Nicaragua and Disney World
Least favorite thing to eat:
Liver and Onions
Favorite things to eat are:
McDonald's ice cream cones
Least favorite car:
Is any you owe money on
Favorite things to do are:
Just being with the Family and dating my wife