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Marriage Encounter

Are you wanting more for your marriage? Come and join us for an intensive Soul Healing Marriage Encounter Weekend on March 9-10, 2012 at New Covenant Church in Clyde, North Carolina.
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Some of the topics may include:

· The five tenets of Soul-Healing Love

· How your childhood affects your adult relationships

· Why you picked your partner

· Effective communication techniques

· Healthy ways to deal with anger

· Conflict resolution skills

· Learning what you fight about and why

· How to fight constructively

· Changing frustrating behaviors

· How to put romance and fun back into your relationship

· God's Soul-Healing Plan for couples

· Listening to your soul

· Hearing your partner's soul

· Finding the lost parts of yourself and your mate

· Communicating the hard stuff

· How to forgive difficult hurts

· Practical ways to be a Soul-Healing Couple