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Jamaica Youth Mission Trip

   This year our Youth Group is taking on the challenge to get out of our comfort zone and share the Light of Christ with the people of Jamaica.  Our Team consist of 10 individuals that will travel to Jamaica and team with others from the United States to minister with the Church in Jamaica.  We will serve in various ways like vbs, calling, sports camps, work projects, prayer meetings and a host of others.
Jamaicans are a group of people with a strong sense of independence. Jamaica is world famous for its reggae music, jerk chicken, and producing some of the world's fastest sprinters. One of Jamaica's greatest problems is integrating tourism with the local culture. Jamaica's large beach resorts employ large numbers of people, but also create an environment of the "have's" vs. the "have not's." Some areas (West and South Coasts) are working to make tourism, the largest industry, a more cooperate effort. To the short-term mission participant, Jamaica will appear very developed in some areas (mostly coastal), but it also has many rural areas in addition to grinding poverty in urban areas.
If you have come to this page  as a result of one of our students asking for your support let me say thankyou.  First and formost we need your prayer support.  Please pray for the student daily.  If you are wanting to support them finacially please make a the check out to GCCC and in them memo:  place the students name you are wanting the support to go to.  Each student has to raise $500 towards the trip.  Once again I thankyou for your support.
Send support to:
P.O. 2707
Ceres, CA 95307