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Shea and Sandee Morgan

Organization:  Club Beyond (Military Community Youth Ministry), Young Life
Web Site:

Shea and Sandee Morgan
Warner Barracks, Bamberg, Germany
   Just as a clarification, here's why there are so many different ministry names given for us. Military Community Youth Ministry (MCYM) is the military contract name of Club Beyond. It is what our organization is technically called. If you were to refer to us as MCYM to a student or parent, they wouldn't have a clue. Club Beyond is how we are known by anyone not higher up the chain of command. As far as Young Life goes, Shea is a Young Life employee. MCYM found it too much to hire and maintain payroll, health insurance... for it's staff and has found that relying on Young Life and Youth for Christ to hire and supply staff was much easier. I like it better this way honestly. We get to share what God has given us with people from all kinds of different backgrounds because of the slight differences in our organizations. 
   Build the Church, celebrate life with military teens, introduce them to the Life Giver while helping them to become more like Him. 
Description of our ministry:
   Sandee and I are in charge of teen ministry to American families who are stationed in Bamberg Germany. We serve out of the military chapel holding clubs, camps, service projects, activities, bible studies and one-on-one counseling with our middle school and high school students. It is our hope that through this ministry, we can reach out to those teens in Bamberg who don't know Christ as their savior and build up our students who do know Him. 
   Shea was called to youth ministry after high school and, through a friend who moved to Europe, learned of the need of our country's armed forces and their children. Shea took a summer internship with Club Beyond in Germany after his junior year in college and, after college, made plans to go back and serve our soldiers and their families stationed overseas. For their first year and a half on staff, Shea and Sandee were assigned to the Army post in Ansbach, Germany. Shea was then asked to end his internship early in order to run teen ministry at their current post, Bamberg. They have seen attendance more than double in their first year and a half of ministry and are excited about what God has in store for Bamberg's youth these next few years.  
   Club Beyond has been facilitating military teen ministry in Europe for 28 years. With Young Life and Youth For Christ's support, they are reaching out in 18 diverse communities all over Western Europe. If you would like to more about Club Beyond / MCYM, then please visit our MCYM website at . You can also keep up to date with Shea and Sandee through their blog at