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prayer ministry

Please Pray For...
  •    John Thomason
  •    Dean Robinson
  •    Linda Downs
  •    June Meyer
  •    Ruby McLean
  •    Kathy Nickle's son in law, Bob
  •    Jimmy Jo Edwards
  •    Betty Baker
  •    Joyce Buckner
  •    Jeff Lambert
  •    Barbara Neptune's friend, Melva
  •    Jo Ann Freeman's friend, Carrie Esau
  •    Kirk Edwards
  •    Darrell Meyer

Prayer Chain: Betty Baker 537-1654

Pray for Our Military Families... 
  •  Charlotte Roberts' grandson, Coty, currently serving in San Diego
  •  Marlene Ruff's son, Stephen, currently serving in Arizona     
  •  Darrell & June Meyer's grandson, Keith Straub, currently Fort Campbell, KY
  •  Darlene Smith's grandson, Josh, currently serving in Texas
  •  Tim & Margie Humphres son, Aaron Coomes, currently serving at Camp          Pendleton, CA
  •  Tim & Margie Humpres son-in-law, Jon Monn, currently serving in Egypt  


To add someone or update status please call the church office