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Jr. High Conference   January 27-29th 
COST: $25

Leave from Church at 7:00 Am Return Sunday afternoon.

One of the most important things we can do is to point kids to God's Word. Daily feeding all the kids in our ministries isn't feasible. They eventually must become people of the Word themselves.  The 2012 Believe tour is going to take a full weekend to point kids to the awesome power of God's Word.  Even as our staff has discussed elements to involve kids we found ourselves struck with the triteness used to simply say, “God's Word”. These are, in fact, the very WORDS OF GOD. These words should be said slowly and with great awe!  Many questions remain in the hearts of our kids: how do we know this IS God's word; how did we get an English version & how do we KNOW it's a correct translation? Did the places and people recorded in the Bible ever really exist?

Join the Believe team as JP and Eric take your kids on an epic journey discovering the very places where Moses heard from God or where Jesus taught the five thousand. Ultimately, kids will be challenged to respond to the Word of God and begin hiding it in their hearts.
Call office for more info: 531-1902