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Youth Ministry

Youth Minister:  Minister Cassandra Abbott
Youth Leader:  Sis. Monica Crenshaw    
Youth Workers:  Minister Shelena Hawkins        Minister Troycia Webb
                             Sis. Tabitha Huckaby                 Sis. Tora Lemon  
                             Rev. Clifford Hawkins               Sis. Takosha Kockett
                             Deacon Brandon Carter             Sis. Marian Harris
It is our desire to train our young people for their destiny and future. We are dedicated to the transformation of this generation, one youth at a time. 
Our Mission is to:
  • mentor each young person
  • teach and equip youth for ministry
  • teach youth how to love and respect themselves and others
  • instill in them an understanding of the purpose for their lives
  • reverse the peer pressure among teens by making it "cool" to be a Christian
  • teach each one to respect and honor their parents and all who are in authority
  • encourage all youth to strive for academic excellence
  • inspire them to respect the value of their life and the life of others
  • instill a determination to embrace abstinence before marriage as a way of life
  • enforce a drug and alcohol free lifestyle 
Our Desire is:
  • to encourage the youth to transform their generation by raising up a Godly standard in their school
  • to provide opportunities for youth of all ages to show forth their talents through music, drama and/or other personal gifts