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Our Church

In a general aspect, The Cathedral of Faith Church of God and its' Pastor, are joined together in unity to advance, empower, strengthen and motivate the Body of Christ to "Win the Lost at any Cost."  It is not the average church or ministry.  It is prepared and equipped to fulfill the vision, for which it was given by God, Himself.  We will not be slack, slothful, or complacent when it comes to getting the job done.  The vision has been written, it has been made plain, it has been set, settled and seasoned for an appointed time and we are ready for the manifestation of the promise.
Though we are engaged in a divine work for the Kingdom of God, we are not confused, nor have we forgotten the battles at hand.  We are still engaged in Spiritual Warfare but we understand that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND NO ONE, will be able to stop, that which God has already set in motion.
We stand in agreement as one church, with one faith, one Lord, and one Baptism.  We decree that we shall go up at once, and possess the promise, for we are more than able to seize it!