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e-time with God 2-7-13
DearFriends: ...

e-time with God 2-6-13
Dear Friends: It doesn’t take much looking around to see that we live in a corrupt...

e-time with God 2-5-13
Dear Friends: I did not send an e-time with God yesterday as I was down in Chehalis...

e-time with God 2-1-13
Dear Friends: Some time ago I was asked a question: “The Bible says that where two or...

e-time with God 1-31-13
Dear Friends: I wanted to let you know that Bob Holt is now in Judson Park, a senior...

e-time with God 1-30-13
Dear Friends: We continue to have great opportunities to minister to the children in our...

e-time with God 1-29-13
Dear Friends: I wanted to let you know that my dad died yesterday morning in his home...

e-time with God 1-28-13
Dear Friends: I wanted to ask you this morning to continue to pray for Bob for his...

e-time with God 1-25-13
Dear Friends, I saw Bob Holt yesterday early afternoon and prayed with him. When I arrived...

e-time with God 1-24-13
Dear Friends: Pray with me today for Bob Holt who was taken back to the hospital early...
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We are a Bible-believing, Christ-centered, community church. A congregation that is reaching out to our community with the love of Christ. We purpose to honor God with our lives and lovingly bring others to honor Him with theirs. Click through the links and find out how you can be involved.
We offer regular activities for families & individuals who are seeking to make a personal difference in the lives of others. -- Join us.
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Saturday November 1st
Tuesday November 4th
6:30 PM
Wednesday November 5th
Thursday November 6th
6:30 PM

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5833 119th Ave. SE
Bellevue,  WA   98006
Click here for directions

Phone:  425-746-8034