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Publish Date: February 2, 2009  ::  Author: Dr. Frank Harvey

Keys to Living in Victory

1. Rejoice in everything. Decide to be an optimistic person. Rejoice in the Lord always.When in doubt shout. He is always worthy of praise. If you don't feel like it, praise him about three times and you will begin to feel like it. People ask, "How are you feeling but that is irrelevant because I am doing fine. I am blessed!"  
2. Rule over your emotions. We live by faith not by sight. In Romans 4 we find Abraham strong in faith. He relied on God's promise and God came through just like He said He would. Don't live under the circumstances but over the circumstances. Fret not! Quit worrying. God is still on the throne. Take it to the Lord in prayer and rest in His peace. I believe in mind control. You can't determine what thoughts enter your mind but you can decide what thoughts you dwell on. 
3. Reside in the learning mode. It has been said there are two big quests in life. One is to know the Lord your Father. If you walk and talk with Him, you will learn His ways. The second quest in life is to know yourself better. Learn your weaknesses so you can learn to trust God in those areas. 

4. Reap the benefits. It has been said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. It starts small but if one re-invests his dividends after a while an exponential growth takes place. Keep investing in the kingdom. Blessed are those who sow beside all waters!