LifeGroups for Women

C4 Connection Group led by Amanda Shepherd
Activity: Picture Organization
Description: Organize print or digital pictures and share the stories behind the pictures. Bring laptops or albums.
Target: Women and Girls 10 and up.
Meeting: Monthly First Sunday at 6 PM Starting Sept. 4
Location: Amanda Shepherd’s home in Peoria, AZ

C5 Connection Group led by Naoma Sloan
Activity: Greeting Card Making
Description: Learn to make greeting cards using rubber stamps, brads, ink, markers on different elements.
Target: Women 12 and older ($5.00 cost per meeting)
Meeting: Bi-Weekly Sunday at 4 PM Starting Sept. 11
Location: Dennis & Naoma Sloan’s home in Glendale, AZ
C6 Connection Group led by Tiffany Wortman
Activity: Online Cooking/Devotional Class
Description: Learn healthy cooking basics with regular and gluten free options. Share recipes and cooking tips.
Target: General
Meeting: Daily Online Starting September 12
Location: Online Facebook Daily as you wish
G7 Growth Group led by Amanda Shepherd
Subject: Girls Only
Description: Family Relationships and Truth. Provide encouragement and support while developing Spiritually.
Target: Girls Grade 9 to 12
Meets: Weekly Sunday at 9:30 AM Starting Sept 4
Location: Sanctuary Building Back Center Room