The Game of Life Children's Church Theme

Author: Rev Elwin Mack

Joe and Brenda Lorenzo announce a new six week Children's Church series called "The Game of Life." In life, many people try to play by their own rules. They decide what is “right” and what is “wrong.” They plot their own course and think of life as their own little game. The Bible is clear. God created each of us for His purpose. He created us as well as this “game” we call life.
We must learn to play by God’s rules if we are going to “win” in “The Game of Life.” We find His rules in His Word, the Bible. In this series, our children will learn valuable lessons from God’s rulebook using some of the world’s most beloved board games as starting points for each lesson. Lessons from games like Hungry Hippos on Spiritual Hunger, Sorry on Forgiveness, Words with Friends on the Power of Words, Memory on Hiding God's Word in our Heart, Jenga on Jesus at the Center of Life, and Mousetrap on Avoiding the Sin Trap.