About Us

 Heritage Hall seeks to be different...different on purpose. 
Heritage Hall is different in its philosophy. 
The Bible is the supreme authority for all that we do.
Academics, athletics, and social activities are all
designed and integrated to develop
a Biblical balance in the students' lives.

Heritage Hall seeks to be superior academically.
Teachers are carefully selected for their
academic and Biblical training, as well as for
their loving concern for young people.  Each faculty
member must be a born-again Christian who
loves the Lord and regards teaching as a ministry.
Each is professionally qualified to teach, and
all have been trained to integrate a
Christian philosophy into their teaching.

Heritage Hall seeks to minister to families.  We desire
to cooperate with Christian parents and their
Bible-believing churches as they seek to mold their
young people into servants of Christ, properly
educated and desiring to do the Lord's will.

Heritage Hall is different...for parents who
value that difference.

value that difference.