Sound Bible teaching is the basis of every school day.  We want to be God-focused, and remember that our highest priority is to love Him with all our hearts, minds, and strength.  Our students learn Biblical truth and how to apply that truth to everyday situations so that they can respond to life in ways that please our Savior. 
It is our goal academically to ensure that each student learns to read at grade level or above and masters computation skills in math.  Comprehension and application gradually replace the mechanics of memorization.  Once students learn to read, they then read to learn and begin to work more independently.  In the intermediate grades, oral and written reportsm, special projects, and research opportunities allow student to build on the foundation laid in earlier grades. 
Elementary students enjoy music, art, and PE classes, and may participate in the school science fair and spelling bee, music lessons, choir, band, athletic programs, plays, and contests.
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The Bible is the foundation of all truth, and a Biblical worldview is essential for today's Christian teenager.  With Bible instruction that is more than just an academic subject, our students are trained to make decisions based on Biblical truth and to apply those truths to their everyday lives.  This is accomplished in various ways, one being the orientation camp with which the year begins.  This unique format provides a spiritual emphasis that sets the tone for the school year.  In addition to games and activities, swimming and skiing, students are challenged during camp chapels to be the leaders God has called them to be.  Then, throughout the year, this challenge is perpetuated with twice-weekly chapel sessions and Power Group meetings where the juniors and seniors present monthly devotional lessons and encourage the underclassmen in their walk with God.
Heritage Hall offers a classical education that gives students a firm foundation for any field of study they may choose to pursue.  Students read and learn to appreciate classic literature and study grammar so they may express themselves well in writing.  History and government show God's hand as He works in the affairs of men.  Geography and economics give students a global understanding of our world and how they should function in and contribute to society.  Five years of math instruction will include pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and calculus.  Creation and an ordered universe are presented in biological and physical sciences, included chemistry and physics.  Speech, Spanish, physical education, art, band, and choir round out the curriculum.  Students have many opportunities to hone their writing, dramatic, and musical skills in school plays, programs, and in local and state contests.
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Our primary goal for the junior high, grades 7 and 8, is to help the students make the best possible transition as they move from a self-contained elementary classroom to sitting under six or more different teachers during the school day.  There is a daily emphasis on character training (manners, respect, honesty), as well as on good study habits, note-taking, preparing for and taking tests.  As students are given more independence, teachers are there to guide and help channel their energies in a positive direction.  In addition to Bible, English, science, math, and history, students receive instruction in basic keyboarding and beginning computer applications.  Band, choir, art, physical education, and conversational Spanish are also incorporated into the curriculum.