PK3 ~ Mrs. Cole

Teacher:  Karen Cole
 I was born in South Bend, Indiana, the oldest of four children.  Our family was faithful in aattending church all my growing up years, but we never heard the saving news of the gospel.
I attended Hanover College for two years, then went on to Western Michigan where I earned my degree in early childhood education.  I married, and my husband Tim and I moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I taught preschool at a Mexican American Center.  It was during this time that I became aware of the fact that I was indeed a sinner in need of a Savior.  I heard the good news that Jesus paid the price for my sin and that He offered me the gift of eternal life.  I gladly accepted.
We moved back to Indiana and started our family.  By the time my oldest son Ted was three, I knew that I wanted to homeschool my children, and for the next 27 years, that is what I happily did.  When my second son James was born, we moved to the New Castle area.  My husband was killed in an accident.  I remarried, and my husband Harland and I had two daughters, Elsbeth and Abigail, who is now in high school at Heritage.  The Lord has also blessed us with two grandchildren, Annika and Aiden.  God has been with me all the time; during the struggles, heartaches, and happiness, He has been faithful and true.
This is my first year of teaching at Heritage Hall.  I praise the Lord for His hand in leading me here.  It is a true blessing to be a part of the faculty and to have the wonderful opportunity to teach.