Woman's Day

On Sunday, October 18th the WMU celebrated Woman's Day during the 11:00 Worship Service. The guest speaker was Minister Tim Guest, Associate Minister of Green Bethel Baptist Church in Boiling Springs.
On previous such occasions, the WMU has honored and remembered past presidents, early founders, and namesakes of our four circles. This year we chose to recognize and honor the chairpersons of each of these circles. Our honorees were Sis. Cora Brantley, Sis Peg Cannon, Sis. Margaret Hoey and Sis. Kandy Allen.
These ladies are vital to our ministry in that they schedule the meetings, control the flow of the meetings and keep the circles informed of what's going on both in the church and in the association. They do an awesome job and we are blessed to have them.
Also, we honored our Treasurer, Mrs. Frances Lee, for 32 years of service. That's incredible! 
Each honoree was featured on the cover of our bulletins each Sunday leading up to Woman's Day and were each given gift cards to KFC in appreciation.
Thank you to our honorees and to all the women of Eskridge Grove who make up the WMU.
WMU President Jackie Barnes


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