Baby Bottle Blessings

 "And a little child shall lead them."
Once again, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County has kicked off their annual fundraiser, "Baby Bottle Blessings", and we the WMU, count it a blessing to assist them in this effort.
Our campaign in our church began the 4th Sunday in January and will continue until the 3rd Sunday in March. When the bottles were being distributed, we had 5 children to ask for bottles. Last year, Isaiah asked if he could have a bottle and my first response was, "what are you going to do with the bottle?" He answered so sincerely, "Miss Jackie, I have some pennies." I immediately gave him a bottle. Again this year he along with four other children unselfishly and cheerfully obligated themselves by taking bottles. They demonstrated the meaning of a cheerful giver.
Thank you kids for your innocence and sincerity in helping to make a change in Minds, Hearts, and Lives
Kudos to our Kids!
WMU President Jackie Barnes


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