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Jennifer Bean
Position: Purple Cuddlebugs Infant Lead Teacher
Email: jennifer@hope4kidspreschool.org

I have had the pleasure of working with infants and young children for nearly four years; first at Lake Tahoe Community College Child Development Center and now at H4K.  I find that there is nothing more genuine and heart-warming than receiving a smile from a baby.  It truly makes my day! It makes me feel good to know that I have been a part of making their early lives as pleasant and stimulating as possible.
After having my own two children and working with infants, it has become clear to me that to maximize a children's learning potential they first need to feel safe.  I am a firm believer in promptly and consistently meeting the needs of infants as such.  Babies learn a pattern of predictability when communicating their needs and come to understand that someone will be there to care for them.
A safe baby is a happy baby and I work for those smiles!


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