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Karla Long
Position: Red Love Bugs Lead Teacher
Email: karla@hope4kidspreschool.org

My name is Karla Long.  It is truly a privilege to be part of Hope 4 Kids, and to be part of a great team. 
I have received a CDA (Child Development Associate's Degree) and have 15 years in the field of education.  I attended Portland Community College for 10 years. I have also attended many years of training at Head Start in Oregon, where I worked for 15 years.  I recently moved from Oregon State to California. I am very happy and truly blessed to have found an amazing job here in Santa Barbara where I plan to make it my home.
In my spare time, I love to spend time with my husband, Bill, my son, Austin, and, of course, my best furry friends, Sadie (Pug), and Willie (English Springer) at the beach having picnics.  I also love to spend time with my family in Northridge, CA.
In my view, I see each child as a unique individual.  I allow for growth and expansion of each child's individuality.  I believe that a child grows through a variety of hands-on experiences, and encourage children to partake in daily activities that advance their minds and bodies.  I am a strong believer of art and creativity for all children.
The place where children will begin to learn is in their home with their parents and the rest of their family.  Parents may start helping by reading their children a story every night from as early as they are born. Also, one should begin talking and showing affection to the child as soon as they can feel the baby developing inside of mom. This can help the child develop appropriately for the future.  I believe if the child has other siblings in the family, then the children will learn verbally just by listening to them.
As a teacher, it is appropriate to go to work each day and serve not only the children, but their families as well.  I feel that my primary role is to develop a partnership with the parents in providing quality care and education for their children.  I feel that parent-teacher partnerships, based on a mutual respect, communication, and education are essential to building a quality program for young children.
I am a firm believer that community relationships help children by showing them that people are going to be a big part of their lives.  It is important to teach children empathy and that people are kind.  Hopefully from this a child will be able to build good relationships and teach them to care about others.  I believe that curriculum is very vital in any quality child care center.  Curriculum areas should be brought to our attention, but I don't believe that they should be stressed.  All of the themes that teachers choose help us and create a stronger family work team.
Thank you for letting me be part of your child's life!
Karla Vanessa Long


Hope 4 Kids Preschool & Infant/Toddler Child Care Center