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The purpose of the Two-Wins Playbook is to provide strategic guidance for over foundation.  Our playbook outlines key program and event that moves others to action.  The playbook is not intended to be an instruction on “how to” at the operational or tactical level.  Our initiatives are well thought out at a strategic level to address key needs, actions, capabilities and assets to support our overarching mission for Two-Wins.

Our playbook is filled with creative tactics to challenge relevant issues within inner city communities.   Time is constantly changing, so are the needs of our youth and inner city communities.  
The core structure of Two-Wins Foundation playbook remains the same.  It contains the following five (5) major plays\:
+ Execution at its highest level
+ Focus on higher education for youth and impacting underserved communities
+ Create a platform for exposure of the inner city community needs
+ Alignment with the right teammates (non-profits, companies, corporations, bank, universities, colleges, and others)
+ Remain relevant