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for parents


Two-Wins Foundation appreciate every parent and/or guardian for entrusting their child/children to particpate in our various programs. We have three (3) primary objectives for working with youth, but it takes a village (family) to actively get involved and stay connected:

ENGAGE: Our programs/projects are creatively design to capture the interest of youth

EDUCATE: All our programs are centered on the importance education

EMPOWER: Our programs are geared to empower parents and guardians to positively impact our next generation of leaders

Adolescence is an intriguing stage of development filled with many physical, cognitive, social, and emotional changes. At the same time, the increase in academic demands and the complexity of the school structure make the task of academic success for adolescents even more difficult. Because parent involvement has been shown to be a very important positive force in a child's life, one would expect that during such a critical and demanding phase the two most important environments in child development, home and school, would increase their collaboration. The opposite though is true: As children progress through school, parent involvement declines dramatically. Several factors contribute to this paradoxical decline: the more complex structure of middle and high schools, the demanding curricula that can be intimidating to parents, and the fewer school outreach efforts to involve parents. This decline of parent involvement just an indication of an underlying decline of parent influence over adolescents.