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church history

    Zion Westside Baptist Church was organized in 1944 under the leadership of Rev. T. R. Cooperwood. The first building was located at 2641 Lemuel Street in Muskegon Heights, Michigan.
    In the early 1950's Rev. Timothy F. Culp became the pastor of Zion Westside.  In 1974, Rev. Culp resigned and the membership split.  In December, 1974 Rev. C. Clayton Casson was called as pastor.  In 1978, under Rev. Casson's leadership, we became incorported as Zion Baptist Church.  Our services were held at Edgewood Elementary School, until we were able to secure a building.  Once we moved into our present location, 375 School Street our membership increased from less that one hundred to one hundred and thirty-five. The Lord has brought us through the storm and rain.
    On May 20, 1979, Rev. Casson submitted his resignation.  We began to seek God through prayer, believing that God would send us a pastor.  In the fall of 1980, Rev. Herbert Wilson was called as pastor.  He resigned as pastor in the winter of 1981.  Shortly after Rev. Wilson's resignation, Rev. Clarence Guy was called as pastor.
    Under the leadership of Rev. Guy, we were able to upgrade and expand our church.  He served as pastor for seven years.  In the summer of 1990, Rev. Clifford Mitchell we called as pastor.  He resigned in January of 1992.
    Without a pastor once again we took it to the Lord in prayer.  Through prayer and faith the Lord kept us together. Then on November 13, 1992, Rev. T. J. Roberson was called as pastor.  Through Rev. Roberson's leadership, our membership grew physically and spiritually.  He taught us that the key to the kingdom is through "THE WORD".  Under the leadership of Rev. Roberson the sound room was added.  After a few years, Rev. Roberson resigned as pastor.
    On the first Sunday in March 1999, Rev. David L. Rogers was installed as pastor.  Rev. Rogers served as pastor until April 2007.
    In July 2008, Rev. Trent L. Williams was called as pastor.  On November 9, 2008 he was installed as pastor.