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Fees & Reservations

The fees listed below apply to the average adventure reservation.  They are subject to change or adjustment based on a number of factors.  Please call for rates for your group.
Half Day  (must charge for a minimum of 10 people)
typically runs from 9 am - 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Initiatives/Low Ropes                         $15/person      

High Ropes                                          $25/person      

Climbing Tower                                    $15/person      

Bouldering Room                                 $10/person      

Mountain Boarding                                $10/person

Mountain Biking (rental)                        $ 6/person       

Mountain Biking (w/guide)                    $10/person

Caving < 4hr*                                        $15/person    

 Caving  > 4hr *                                       $25/person 
*Please note that at this time (beginning 10/20/09) we are only able to provide caving as a seasonal option, at least temporarily.  For more information, please visit this link.
Full Day   (must charge for a minimum of 10 participants)
typically runs from 9 am - 4:30 pm

Initiatives/Low Ropes                           $25/person

Initiatives/Low Ropes/High Ropes         $30/person
Climbing Tower/Zip Line                        $30/person
 Boxed Lunches are available for any activity for $5.75 per participant.
To reserve, please contact the camp.