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Our adventure programs include:

3 low rope courses
More than 20 team-building initiatives
50 foot outdoor climbing tower & bouldering room
Indoor Campbell Rock Room & bouldering room
8-element Team High ropes course
1100 ft. twin zip line
Mountain biking
Mountain boarding
Pamper Jump
Flying Squirrel
Dangle Duo
Vomit Comet
Backpacking trips 
Low Ropes & Initiatives
These activities are team- and trust-building activities.  Typically, the team is presented with an objective, necessary restrictions and details, and are expected to work as a team to meet said objective or goal.  While serving the purpose to create a strong community among participants, these activities are fun and create wonderful memories.

  Indoor Climbing Tower and Rock Room
Built in 2009 and housed inside the bell tower of our dining hall, the 35 ft indoor climbing tower and bouldering room are great options for year-round challenges - no matter what the weather.
Outdoor Climbing Tower & Bouldering Room
Our climbing tower offers a challenge to both individuals and teams.  This four-sided 50 foot tower overlooks the Ligonier Valley and provides four different climbing options, including the brand new crux, built in 2008.

 High Ropes Activities
  • Team High Course: a series of elements that begins at ground level and finishes with a zipline from 40 feet up! This team course is designed to be completed with a partner.
  • Pamper Jump: participants climb up to a platform and attempt to reach a hanging trapeze by jumping from the platform.  
  • Flying Squirrel: a participant is harnessed to a rope run through a pulley while team members hold tight to the other end of the rope.  On the signal, both ends run in opposite directions, quickly flying the participant 70 feet into the air. 
  • Dangle Duo (or Trio): a giant ladder that teams of two (or three) attempt to climb.  Rungs are further and further apart as participants climb higher.  This element can only be conquered by the combined efforts of the duo or trio.
  • Vomit Comet: a gigantic 120 foot pendulum swing.  The participant is pulled up to the release point by their team members and then released to swing out over the ravine over 100 ft in the air. 
Laser Tag
Looking for a high-energy experience for your next outing? Try outdoor laser tag! Our laser taggers are able to be used at distances of up to 200 ft in broad daylight. While we have a laser tag course on property complete with bunkers and obstacles, the taggers are portable and can be used anywhere. Check our our laser tag video for a taste of the excitement! 

Caving trips to local area caves are a wonderful activity and are available from late May to early September!  These trips allow participants to enjoy the chance to experience life at the subterranean level - and get completely covered in mud! Ligonier offers half-day and full-day cave trips. 
Mountain Biking & Boarding
Ligonier's Mountain Bike park offers miles of trails, beautiful scenery, bridges, teeter-totter, log pit, stump garden, rock garden, boardwalk, log piles, and other challenging elements.  Mountain boarding (like a snowboard with tires) participants can practice on the "bunny hill" before taking on the trails or new mountain board chute. 
Backpacking Trips
Backpacking trips can be run year-round to a host of locations and are a great option for your next retreat or training event.  Backpacking trips are designed on a case-by-case basis, so please contact the camp to discuss the options.